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Написано на 104 месеца по-рано от Sjoerd (Permalink)

* Тази новина, все още не е преведена на вашия език. Вие ще бъдете уведомени още веднъж, след като е преведена.

Over the past few days it was hard to play Rocking Rackets. We are truly sorry this happened and that it took this long for us to solve it. But, it is now solved, and we believed these problems will not return.

On Friday we started to notice that our server was responding slow and failing often. These symptoms were similar to the problems we experienced in August, when the other server died. Uh-oh. This was not a good situation. Over the weekend we ordered new servers and installed them. Rocking Rackets now runs on two brand new machines. These machines have better specs in all regards, so we hope performance issues will be a thing of the past.

We have extended all VIPs to cover the downtime. Game worlds rr2, rr3, rr6, rr10, vip1 and beta1 have been rolled back to Friday 1 AM (UTC). The other worlds have been rolled back to Monday 1 AM (also UTC), because older backups aren't available. The clocks may still show "Updating". That will be fixed in a couple of hours once a game week has finished.

If you see anything that used to work and doesn't anymore, please let me know.