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We're pleased to announce that Delft Games, the company responsible for Rocking Rackets, released a new game.

The game is called TopoTrivia and is a quiz game on Facebook to test and improve your knowledge of topography. As a Rocking Rackets player you will probably recognise more flags than the average person. With this game you can challenge your friends on this topic, but also on cities in almost all countries in the world, on countries in the different continents, and on provinces or states.

The questions start easy and become harder when you get more experience, which makes this not only a fun game but also a useful and easy way to learn more about places in the world.

We had very positive reactions during the beta tests and now we're happy to see how the game is received by other people.

If you want to try it out you need to have a Facebook account and go to:
TopoTrivia on Facebook

Our apologies to people who don't have a Facebook account or can't have one in their country but for now the game is only offered on that platform.