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由Vinnie于54月前发布 (永久)

* 此新闻尚未翻译成您的语言,如果翻译完毕你仍会收到通知。

After receiving feedback about the closing servers we've decided to make a few changes. We will keep game world 3 instead of game world 7 to keep at least one game world with days of 60 minutes.

We also added some extra time to the slower game worlds. Rr4 and rr11 will continue until the 31st of december. Rr8 will continue for another year and end on the 1st of april 2018.
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由Vinnie于55月前发布 (永久)

* 此新闻尚未翻译成您的语言,如果翻译完毕你仍会收到通知。

Because of the amount of players we have decided to close half of the gameworlds. If your gameworld is closing you will be able to play there for half a year.

On the 1st of oktober we will close rr3, rr4, rr5, rr8, rr9, rr11 and beta. If your VIP status on any of these gameworlds is active more than a week after the gameworld ends you can go to "become vip" to get your VIP-chips back. This will work even if you have already used the make player credits.

By cleaning up these gameworlds we expect to be able to speed up the server for the remaining gameworlds and get more players per gameworld.
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由Vinnie于65月前发布 (永久)

* 此新闻尚未翻译成您的语言,如果翻译完毕你仍会收到通知。

We've updated the main calendar with the 2017 tournaments. All the newly scheduled seasons will use the new calendar.

The seasons are scheduled at the start of week 26, so if this week already passed in your gameworld the next season will still have the old calendar.
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由Sjoerd于87月前发布 (永久)

* 此新闻尚未翻译成您的语言,如果翻译完毕你仍会收到通知。

Over the past few days it was hard to play Rocking Rackets. We are truly sorry this happened and that it took this long for us to solve it. But, it is now solved, and we believed these problems will not return.

On Friday we started to notice that our server was responding slow and failing often. These symptoms were similar to the problems we experienced in August, when the other server died. Uh-oh. This was not a good situation. Over the weekend we ordered new servers and installed them. Rocking Rackets now runs on two brand new machines. These machines have better specs in all regards, so we hope performance issues will be a thing of the past.

We have extended all VIPs to cover the downtime. Game worlds rr2, rr3, rr6, rr10, vip1 and beta1 have been rolled back to Friday 1 AM (UTC). The other worlds have been rolled back to Monday 1 AM (also UTC), because older backups aren't available. The clocks may still show "Updating". That will be fixed in a couple of hours once a game week has finished.

If you see anything that used to work and doesn't anymore, please let me know.
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由Tietyk于89月前发布 (永久)

我们很高兴地宣布,Delft Games,开发Rocking Rackets的公司,刚刚发布了一款新游戏。

这款游戏叫TopoTrivia,是一个在Facebook上的智力游戏,测试与提高你的地理学知识。作为一名 Rocking Rackets的玩家,你可能会比普通人认识更多的国旗。在游戏里面,你可以在这个方面挑战你的朋友,但同时也可以选择世界上几乎所有国家,不同大洲上的 国家,或者省份或洲。





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