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Free Online Tennis Manager Game




The game in short

This is a tennis manager game. You hire players, sign them up for the tournaments of your choice and get points based on their achievements.

Some players are clearly better than others, so take some time to choose which you want hire.

Also, not all tournaments are equal. The lesser important tournaments give less points, but are probably easier to win.

How to - Hire players

You use your own rating points to hire players. You start with 150 points.

You only have 2 players at a time. Players with a VIP account can have 3.

You can hire any player who doesn't already have a manager by opening the player on the right side and clicking hire. A convenient way to select a player is to use the players table available through Players in the menu.

Help on selecting a player

How to - Register for tournaments

Without playing tournaments your players can't get points so it is important to regularly sign them up for tournaments.

You can use the Calendar for finding the tournaments that are starting soon. Each player can play only one tournament at a time, but he can participate in both singles and doubles of the same tournament.

When there are more registrations than places in the tournament, only the players with the highest ranking are allowed to participate. You can sign up for multiple tournaments, in which case your player participates in the highest ranking tournament to which he is allowed to enter.

How long ahead you can sign up for tournaments depends on the type of tournaments. For most tournaments you can sign up 3 weeks in advance, or 5 weeks if you are VIP. For grand slams and masters you can register longer in advance. It is advisable to do this if you want to participate to avoid accidentally missing them.