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Intro - Rankings

The rankings are a cumulative system based on the tournament achievements in the past 52 (game) weeks.

The best N tournaments of a player are counted, the total number of points is used as the rating.

There are three ratings for the players


Top Managers

Besides the player rankings, there is also the manager ranking. Managers get all the points that their players get. Managers don't lose the points after a year, but they lose 1% of their points every (ingame) week.

Points from doubles tournaments are divided by two.
Points from junior tournaments are also divided by two (by four for junior doubles)

Singles Entry Ranking

The singles entry ranking is counted over 18 tournaments.

The tournaments are divided into 5 categories:

The Grand Slams
If a player participates in the main draw of a grand slam or ended the previous year in the top 30 these results are always counted for a players ranking. If a player ended the previous year in the top 30 but doesn't play a grand slam he will receive 0 points but still has to count this tournament as one of his 18 tournaments.

Masters 1000
Like the Grand Slams, anyone who participates has to count these tournaments for his ranking. Also, the top 30 at the end of the previous year have to participate in these tournaments.
The only exception is Monte Carlo, which has the points of a masters but is treated as a 500 for the ranking.

World Tour 500s
The best 4 WT500 tournaments are also counted for the ranking, even if they gave less points than lower tournaments in which this player participated. A player can never count more than 4 WT500 tournaments for his ranking.

The World Team Cup is part of the 500 category if:
- The WTC result is higher than the lowest counting WT500 result.
- A player participated in less than 4 WT500 tournaments and the WTC result is higher than the lowest counting result in "best others"

Best others
The rest of the 18 tournaments are filled with other tournaments (ISE's, Challengers etc).

World Tour Finals
The World Tour Finals (previously Tennis Masters Cup) counts as a 19th tournament for all players who participated, and unlike other tournaments it is dropped from the ranking the week before it is held in the next year (so points won in this tournament do not help a player to qualify in the next year)

Doubles Entry Ranking

The doubles entry ranking is the sum of the best 18 doubles tournament.

The doubles ranking does not have any obligatory tournaments.

Junior Ranking

The Junior ranking combines singles and doubles results in a single list.

25% of the best 6 doubles results are added to the best 6 singles results in the past 52 weeks.

On top of this there are two bonuses that can be earned.
250 points for each grand slam this player won
250 points for a player who won 3 or more Grade A/Grand Slam tournaments.

In doubles these bonuses are worth 180 points.

Club Ranking

The Club Ranking is based on the manager rankings of the managers in the club.

The best 3 managers are counted 100%
The next 3 managers are counted 80%
The next 4 managers are counted 60%
The next 5 managers are counted 40%
The next 10 managers are counted 20%
The next 15 managers are counted 10%
All the other managers are counted 5%

These values are summed to get the total club ranking.