Rocking Rackets

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What are clubs

Clubs are groups of friends who play Rocking Rackets together. Managers of a club can easily spot players from their club in tournaments and rankings. It is also possible to play tournaments between the players from your club.

How to create a club

To create a club, 3 managers are needed. The first manager creates the club by selecting a clubname. He is then given a support code that he should send to 2 friends. These friends should indicate their support for the creation of the club by filling in this code on the "My Team" page. Once 3 managers have indicated their wish to start the club, the club is officially created and these three players will be the founders.

How to join a club

To join a club you should register for the club in the "My Club" page.

You then need to be approved by a founder or staff member of the club in order to become a real member.

What are club staff members

Club founders can appoint other members as "staff member". Staff members can do administrative tasks within the club, such as approving new members, updating the club description and organizing tournaments.