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Posted 90 months ago by Vinnie (Permalink)

As you may have noticed we are having server problems today. The harddisk of one of our servers is broken and needs to be replaced.

Because of this gameworlds 1, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 11 and 12 are unavailable. We are working on resolving this problem as soon as we can, but it will still take some time. We will try to get it back online tonight but it may take till tomorrow.

The affected gameworlds will return to a backup made last night, so some data will be lost but not much. All VIP accounts on all gameworlds will be extended with 2 days.

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Posted 90 months ago by Vinnie (Permalink)
We are having some server problems lately. Some of the gameworlds are unavailable or very slow because of this. We are working on solving it, our apologies for the inconvenience.
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Posted 91 months ago by Vinnie (Permalink)

Did you try our football game already? Almost 15.000 people tried it out and we recently started the oceanian continent.

We now have 150 active countries and will soon see the first world cup, for which 32 countries have already successfully qualified.

Become a football manager too:

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Posted 91 months ago by Sjoerd (Permalink)
We've received a payment without a username. The payment was for four chips and done by bank. If you think this is might be your payment, please contact me by e-mail at Please mention your real name and your bank account number so we can verify the payment.
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Posted 93 months ago by Vinnie (Permalink)

Season 3 is starting on Rocking Soccer (our new football manager). This season we'll have the first Europa League and Champions tournaments. The teams who qualified for the first qualification round will start their campaign tomorrow.

We've also made the draw for the first World Cup qualifiers for national teams so there are a lot of exciting new tournaments where national pride can be gained.

119 countries have already been activated that each have their national league and cup tournament. Will you check it out and help your country?

Play Rocking Soccer
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