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Posted 50 months ago by Vinnie (Permalink)

We've updated the calendar corresponding to the 2013 ATP calendar.

There will be new tournaments in Dusseldorf and Bogota, while Belgrade was removed. Also, the draw size from a couple of tournaments has changed (from 32 to 28, or 28 to 32 etc).

The new tournaments will be inserted in week 26 of a season, so if your gameworld is now in week 26 or later, the next year will still use the old calendar.

In the first year of the new calendar there may be issues in week 7/8 because the team cup was moved. In the first week, the team cup will therefore be in the wrong week.

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Posted 50 months ago by Vinnie (Permalink)
Rocking Soccer beta

We'll be accepting more people in the last 2 weeks of the beta. If you want to test it out for a while before the official start, sign up for our mailinglist:

We'll be selecting 100 people from the list at random around the 17th of januari.
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Posted 51 months ago by Vinnie (Permalink)
Coming Soon: Rocking Soccer

We are now playtesting our newest game, Rocking Soccer. It's based on principles similar to Rocking Rackets, but now you'll have a football team.

It's easy to understand but has more depth than Rocking Rackets as you have to build an entire team of players and also expand your facilities like Stadium, Training Center and Youth Complex (and a few more).

For now it's in closed beta, which means you can't register yet, but you can already take a look at Rocking Soccer. We expect to complete the testing around the 7th of februari and then release it for all to play.
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Posted 52 months ago by Tiety (Permalink)

To improve the quality of the translations on Rocking Rackets we are in search of one or two committed translators for each of the following languages.

  • Arabic
  • Chinese
  • Czech
  • French
  • German
  • Hebrew
  • Hungarian
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Romanian
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Argentinian Spanish


  • Active and experienced Rocking Rackets player
  • Fluent in English (the reference language)
  • Native speaker of the language you want to translate

It is fun to work on the improvement of the game, you will get new experiences in working together towards a mutual goal and your language skills will improve. Next to that you will also receive a VIP-account to play on three game worlds for free.

Our goal is to get translation teams consisting of two or three translators for each language. If you want to help us with translations, you can send your application with a motivation to Tiety.

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Posted 52 months ago by Vinnie (Permalink)
We've updated the looks of the game today. You may have to press "ctrl+F5" to download all the new images.

You can select a color theme in your profile. You can pick red (clay), blue (hardcourt), purple (indoor) or green (grass).

Let us know if we missed some details which don't look good now.