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Posted 52 months ago by Vinnie (Permalink)

The form change we announced a few weeks ago is now online on all gameworlds. If the form of your player is in the "red" area he will now receive less experience from his matches.

Make sure you pay attention to the form of your players. If it falls too low, play more tournaments, if it goes too high play more practise-tournaments.

The next changes will be in the graphical design of the site. We expect some updates in the next couple of days.

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Posted 52 months ago by Vinnie (Permalink)
We are pleased to inform that Tiety has agreed to help us out as an admin. She will be available to answer questions (on the forum and ingame) and check new accounts.

We will soon be looking for new translators too since a lot of the languages are no longer up to date.

You can wish her good luck with her new task on the forum
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Posted 53 months ago by Vinnie (Permalink)
We will soon implement the experience penalty for bad for on all the gameworlds. We have been testing this on the beta world for a while now and not encountered any serious issues.

The change will be implemented on thursday 1st of november so make sure you pay attention to the form of your players before then.

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Posted 54 months ago by Sjoerd (Permalink)

Due to a change in taxes, we will change our prices starting October 1st. The new prices will be:

  • 1 chip: 9 euro;
  • 2 chips: 14 euro and;
  • 4 chips: 21.50 euros.

If you buy chips before October 1st will be charged the old price.

Please see below for another news message, regarding the form/experience change.

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Posted 54 months ago by Vinnie (Permalink)

We have decide to keep the form/experience change on the beta only for a while longer. The reason is that several players had concerns about the effect of this change on the game. We will spend some more time testing how things will turn out on the beta gameworld.

If you have an opinion on this change, feel free to join the discussion on the Forum

We will announce it at least one week in advance before applying this change to the other gameworlds