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Posted 54 months ago by Vinnie (Permalink)
We've made a change to the gameplay on the beta gameworld.

From now on, a bad form also affects the experience earned in matches. If your form is too high or too low you get less experience. You can see the percentage when you hover your mouse over the form bar in the player box or on the player overview page.

This change was meant to force juniors to play tournaments before their last year. If your tactic is to let them play only practise then be warned that this causes severe xp penalties now.

We will test this change on the beta gameworld for 2 weeks, around the 21st of september this rulechange will be applied to the other gameworlds as well.
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Posted 54 months ago by Vinnie (Permalink)
We changed the points players can earn in the Olympic Games to correspond to the 2012 Olympics.

This means the winner now gets 750 points instead of 800. The doubles tournament no longer gives any points at all.

This change affects all the olympic tournaments in the game so the next ranking update might cause some unexpected changes.
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Posted 54 months ago by Sjoerd (Permalink)
We have received a payment without a username. The payment was done by K. Smeding. If the payment was yours, please contact me at and mention your account number.
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Posted 59 months ago by Sjoerd (Permalink)
Because of unacceptable changes in their terms, we will stop accepting Moneybookers payments starting May 1st. We will still accept PayPal payments and bank transfers.
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Posted 59 months ago by Vinnie (Permalink)
The change with "form" is online now.

You can see the form of your player in the player block on the right side. Keep an eye on this to make sure it never goes too high or too low.