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Posted 108 months ago by Vinnie (Permalink)
We updated the calendar on all other gameworlds too now.

This change will only affect years in which no tournaments are created yet.
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Posted 109 months ago by Vinnie (Permalink)
We updated the calendar on the betaworld to correspond with the 2012 ATP calendar. We also changed the challengers calender, mostly to correspond with 2011 (2012 is not yet completely available).

This calendar should first be used in year 51 on the beta world. If no bugs are found we will update the other gameworlds in a few weeks.
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Posted 121 months ago by Vinnie (Permalink)
We started the new year by moving all the changes from the beta gameworld to the real gameworlds.

This includes:

  • A change in the practise tournaments (more players and pairing based on results)

  • A change in the team cup, selection of participating teams based on country ranking and juniors divided by age

Please see the old news messages for a more detailed description.
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Posted 121 months ago by Vinnie (Permalink)
In behalf of the Rocking Rackets staff I wish you all a very happy 2011!
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Posted 123 months ago by Vinnie (Permalink)
We again made a few changes on the beta gameworld:

  • In practise tournaments the previous results are used in determining the next opponent. Players in a poule that win a lot will play each other and likewise the players that lose will play each other too.

  • You can now see the fatigue caused by a match in the match-sideblock

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